NightSky Demo

Dreamy ball puzzles


  • Interesting gameplay
  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • Not too difficult


  • No restrictions

Very good

NightSky is an ethereal, chilled puzzle game. Guide a ball with mysterious powers around beautiful night time mazes.

While there's a nominal storyline in NightSky, it's not really important. Using the keyboard you have to move a ball through the strange dream world. Sometimes you'll be given powers, such as speed boost, brake and gravity reverse.

The puzzles in NightSky aren't really challenging, but keep you thinking just enough to make the game compelling. The attractive graphics and ambient sound make it a very relaxing experience. The demo is very generous, so it's well worth checking out. There are 11 levels in the full game, each with its own theme, and plenty of interesting ideas.

NightSky is great for anyone wanting a way to relax, and is easy enough to get into for anyone to play and enjoy.



NightSky Demo

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